Moon Lashes

Vera Purtscher, the desiner of MoonLashes, was born in 1961 in Vorarlberg. She studed architecture in Vienna and realised many ideas in a quest fed by her bubbling imagination and infectious enthusiasm.

Sometimes, the moon has an almost tipsy look as it hangs in the sky. The MoonLashes cutlery series reflects the memory of such a moon. And the lashes form – each one is unique. Each curve on the handles of the MoonLashes series differs slightly from the other.
The curve from spoon to handle recalls portraits by Modigliani. The bowl has always been positioned axially to the handle. Here the bowl of the spoon is turned at an angle. The asymmetrical formshape of MoonLashes brings an enormous ergonomic improvement to eating! Small wonder experts have become so enthusiastic, as agree Tantris from Munich, Hangar 7 and Carpe Diem from Salzburg, Cocoonclub from Frankfurt, Guth from Vorarlberg/A, David (Köbi Nett) from St. Gallen, Steirereck from Vienna and EssZimmer-Bobby Bräuer in the BMW Welt München.

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