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What our customers have in common with us is our appreciation for beauty and the desire for a perfect combination of aesthetics, elegance and functionality.

   A warmly welcome to our new highend handmade collection “Rochini Atelier”

Collection „ways to disappear“ by zerunianandweisz

Nadja Zerunian, advises the erste foundation’s roma partnership program. she worked for a decade as a senior designer with calvin klein in new york before becoming creative director first at georg jensen and then at the swatch group. nadja studied at the university of applied arts in vienna under ernst caramelle, carl auboeck and ron arad. she lives and works in vienna & the usa.

Peter Weisz, co-founded zerunianandweisz. previously, he worked as creative & fashion director & stylist for schaufenster/ die presse, diva, woman, wIener, ahead, attitude/ gb, palmers & swarovski. under his eponymous label, he has designed bespoke fashion for men & women as well as outfits for staff at social hotspots including ungerundklein, taubenkobel & wunderl. peter studied fashion in vienna where he now lives.

Nadja Zerunian Peter Weisz ROCHINI ATELIER

Scaramanga´s golden gun

Scaramanga.jpg1  ROCHINI ATELIER

a playful  story from our handmade humidor´s to the guest´s


Full House

the  examination of the absence of color. black as essence of dissolution. the process of materialization happens only interactively. we challenge the viewer to reverse this objects destiny.


snow white

the fading nature of splendor & perfection – vanity as the poison of life. our most romantic take on vanishing & our need for a happy end led to the visualization  of our favorite tale:  the reversibility of transience. diversity & innocence as the ultimate values.

zaw snowwhite32947 press ROCHINI ATELIER

zaw snowwhite32986 press 1 ROCHINI ATELIER

black dahlia

the decomposition of beauty & seduction were the main drive to explore Elizabeth Short – the young beauty eternalized as Black Dahlia.  a tale of  disappearance: highlighting passing attraction, supported by the evaporation of all the ‘forbidden biblical scents”.

zaw blackdahlia32932 press ROCHINI ATELIER

zaw blackdahlia32874 press ROCHINI ATELIER



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(Fotocredits: Mark Glassner & Stefan Zeisler)