The use of “woodi” is individual like you. No limits are set to your creativity.

Whether for sushi, canapes, dips, spreads, cold or warm starters, main courses or for petit fours, bread, cakes and cheese.

“woodi” consists of two parts. For one part of a natural oiled wooden frame which gives it it individual design. Secondly of the use and design patented system with a tailor-made unbreakable removable disk which withstands temperatures from minus 20 degrees Celsius to plus 80 degrees Celsius. The good thermal properties of the insert plate keep your food cold or warm.

That allows a big variety of applications as for porcelain and offers the advantage that the insert plate is unbreakable and dishwasher safe.
By request we are able to create your own size or design.

live showroom conference 500x251 Woodi

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